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We are Working on All Subaru Make & Models. Subaru Accident Repair Services, Windscreen Repair, Rim Protection Services, Chassis Repair for your Subaru , or want to restore vehicle’s beauty by getting a flawless Dent and Scratch Removal services, our Auto Bodyshop is at your assistance. We deal in all brands makes and models.

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Whenever you need any type of Auto Body Services, you can contact us anytime and our Pick & Drop Service is free for everyone. You can completely measure the difference in your vehicle’s condition right after it been treated at our auto body workshop. Our company is fortunate to have the most experienced and expert auto body mechanics and technicians, taking care of your Subaru like own. What’s different at our Garage is a commitment, excellence and dedication at work. We are proud to be most reputed and reliable Auto Body Workshop in Dubai and will never disappoint you.


At Our Auto Body Shop in Dubai, we are fortunate to have highly experienced and professional mechanics. With years of experience, our staff knows how to restore your Vehicle’s body shine and make it look like new again. Our auto body shop has industry’s best man force, knowledgeable and skilled to do all types of services like Accidental Repair, Denting & Painting, Chassis Repair, Rim Protection, and all auto body services. If you need the best quality work at an affordable price, then Auto Bodyshop Dubai will never disappoint you.






Accident Repair / Restoration

Have you recently been in a minor accident? Bring your exotic vehicle to Avenue Auto Mechanic right away for industry-leading accident repair and restoration services!


Full Subaru Paint & Color Change

Do you want to increase the resale value of your luxury Subaru  with a full Subaru paint job? Bring your exotic vehicle to Instant on Site Battery Reinvigorate the x-factory aesthetics right away!


Detailing, Polishing, Ceramic Coating

If you want the best of both worlds, paint protection, and opulent shine, Instant on Site Battery Auto Spa has everything you need. Now is the time to get your exotic Subaru premium detailing, polishing, and ceramic coating!


Paintless dent removal / Smart Repair

What is Paintless Dent Removal?

PDR is a system that requires trained personnel and a special set of tools to execute the tasks.
PDR system helps to remove convex and concave dents without applying paint on the Subaru .
It is a more efficient system that saves time for the workshop and the Subaru owner because PDR work is quicker than conventional body repair and paintwork.
Paintless dent removal service helps the Subaru owner maintain the intrinsic resale value of the Subaru as it preserves the factory-sprayed paint.
However, there are limitations to PDR service as it cannot be applied to all types of body damage repair cases.


Detailing, Polishing, Ceramic Coating

We offer the following services at the Rapido Garage Body shop;


Full Subaru Paint & Color Change

Do you want to increase the resale value of your luxury Subaru with a full Subaru paint job? Bring your exotic vehicle to Instant on Site Battery & Reinvigorate the x-factory aesthetics right away!


Peelable Paint

Do you want to change the color of your exotic vehicle temporarily? Call Instant on Site Battery for an all-inclusive Peelable Paint Service and Stand Out From the Crowd!


Wrapping, Tinting, PPF

Are you looking for a way to protect the gleaming sheen of your luxury Subaru from the scorching heat of Dubai? Bring on Instant on Site Battery for high-quality Subaru wrapping, window tinting, and PPF installation!


Sunroof, Convertible Roof Repair

Is your sunroof or convertible not opening or closing properly, or is it leaking water? Bring your exotic vehicle to Instant on Site Battery for the sunroof and convertible roof repair that exceeds the dealer’s standards!


Other Auto Bodyshop Services

From Bumper Repair, Windscreen Repair/Replacement, Rust Proofing to Headlight Restoration, Frame Straightening, Chassis Repair, and More, Instant on Site Battery Has It All!


Roof Liner Repair

Have you recently noticed that the roof liner on your Subaru has begun to sag? Call the Auto Body Experts at Instant on Site Battery to help you repair the roof liner!


Rims Refurbishment & Paint

If you want to improve the look of your exotic Subaru rims, get Avenue Auto Body Experts on board for Premium Rims Refurbishment & Paint right away!



Our Customer Portfolio

Our Customer Portfolio