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Car Suspension Repair Shop. 100% Genuine Parts, Warranty On Service. Excessive vibration on steering while driving, Irregular wear and tear and bubble on the tires, Car immerses when brake is applied, Fluid leak from seals, Car knocks upon crossing speed breakers, Car mileage going down drastically after reaching 50,000 miles. We Work on All Types of Hydraulic Suspension Repair In Dubai.

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We Work on Car Air Suspension Repair, Multi-Link Suspension Repair, Rigid Axle Suspension Repair, Macpherson Suspension Repair, Double Wishbone Suspension Repair, Independent Suspension Repair, Rigid suspension – Leaf Spring Repair, Trailing Arm Suspension Repair & Air Suspension Repair in Dubai
Most suspension components consist of forged steel, cast steel or aluminum, and they are not repairable when bent in a collision. In general, for safety concerns, never attempt to straighten a damaged suspension component. Always replace the damaged part with a new one. The main components of the suspensions system include the springs, shock absorbers, struts, control arms, and more. Being exposed on the bottom of your vehicle, these parts are constantly exposed to debris, rocks, speed bumps, potholes, and other driving occurrences which can potentially damage components.


Repair costs vary greatly by area and also depending on your mechanic, so it’s important to phone around local garages for a suspension repair estimate. The adjustment of a new suspension system is complex. The replacement may well be combined with computerized tests and diagnostics to ensure optimal balance. How do you know if your suspension is damaged?
If you’ve had your vehicle lowered, then it’s natural for the frame to appear sunken. If you haven’t, or if you notice your vehicle leaning to one tire when it’s parked, you’ve probably broken a suspension spring or springs. Clunking sounds also indicate you have something broken underneath the vehicle’s body.


Be on the lookout for the following signs that your car’s frame is bent. Alignment Is Off. One of the main symptoms of a bent frame is the wheels are misaligned. Wheels Track Sideways. A similar issue can come with the wheels.


We Work on All Type of Suspension Repair Service In Dubai


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