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Car Engine Repair Dubai. Car Engine Rebuild Specialists in Al Quoz Dubai. Car Engine Service, Car Engine Overheating Repair, Car Engine Oil Leakage Repair, Car Coolant Leakage Repair, Car Check Engine Light Diagnostics, Car Turbo Charger Repair & Car Overhaul Specialist Workshop.

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Specialized in Diesel & Petrol Engine Repair in Dubai
We are Working on All Cars Engine Make & Models. Our expert team at Instant Onsite Battery knows exactly how to fix your engine-related problems. The engine faces a lot of problems and further complications can make fixing it very expensive. But with proper car engine care and maintenance, we can guarantee increased productivity and longevity.
Our car service Centre in Dubai understands that we need to keep your engine smooth and breathing. From changing your oil to checking for leaks and ensuring the proper working of your cooling system, our team knows it all. Our futuristic and customer-friendly service has kept many old clients come back in times of need.


The engine needs proper lubrication to function without problems. Lubrication helps the motor run smoothly and reduces friction. This enables smooth functioning and also reduces excessive heat in the motor. Oil can carbonise over time and result in black sludge or soot on your car engine. It can affect the valves and cause wear and tear to the engine. Also, the oil levels may drop and excessive oil may be burned causing added problems if not taken care of. But with our maintenance, you can be assured that your vehicle will function smoothly.
An engine coolant generally helps your four-wheeler to stay cool and prevents it from overheating. But often due to leakage, the cooling levels can fall low. Our trained experts suggest that such underlying issues can push your vehicle towards greater risks.


Car Engine Repair & Rebuild

Car Engine Repair, Service, and Rebuilding In Dubai. We have Professional Technicians who can repair/rebuild every High-End Luxury and Exotic Car’s Engine in Dubai.


Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Is your Car’s Check Engine light on? You need to get a check engine light diagnostic service in Dubai and let us find the issue and fix it, so to save your car from a major repair!


Engine Overheating Repair

Low coolant, colling system leaks, broken pump, radiator issues, Misfire, thermostat failure may result in Engine Overheating – Get Engine Overheating Service in Dubai.



Our Customer Portfolio

Our Customer Portfolio