Professional Certified Car Ceramic Coating in Dubai

Instant onSite Battery provides professional installation of permanent paint protection Auto Ceramic Coating in Al Quoz4. We are Ceramic Coating Specialists installers that were trained. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of Ceramic and to Consult Our Service Advisor for your paint protection project.

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Ceramic Coating
Protect your car’s exterior from external paint damage with our ceramic coating service. Ceramic Pro is a liquid nano-ceramic coating that provides permanent surface protection. Ceramic Pro is an additional clear coat that when applied transforms itself on the surface to a permanent, durable, hydrophobic and flexible glass shield. Ceramic Pro hardness is 3 times more than factory provided clear coat. It can be applied in multiple layers to provide an even better surface protection. Ceramic Pro is the most advanced permanent paint protection technology on the market today. Get your vehicle protected with Ceramic Pro nano coating.


Benefits of Ceramic Pro Nano Coating
This exclusive package is suited for show and classic vehicles. Our signature detailing package uses Adam’s Polishes Ceramic Coatings applied to paint with 5 years warranty. Adam’s Ceramic Coatings applied to exterior glass, plastics up to the vehicle wheels as well. Multiple stage paint correction, above 95% defect removal increased gloss. Surface preparation: alcohol-based paint cleanser.



Our Customer Portfolio

Our Customer Portfolio